Monday, July 18, 2011

The Variegated Carp in Pinling 坪林的錦鯉

Variegated carp should be the appreciate fish in garden, how can it be found in Jing Gua Liao Stream? No doubtly it was introduced by people. We have been consigned by academic institution to condut field investigation and removal of invasive fish since Febuary to December of 2009. Carps is the primary target above the upstream of check dam.

The existence of carp not only threatens the native shells and shrimps in the stream, carps also occupies the riverbed where native fish lays egg. Additionally, carps often search food by excavating on the riverbed, and such feeding behavior raises the mud in the pool. The muddy water absorbs much heat from sun shine easily which cause water temperature raise higher.

The sample collection, tag hitting and quantitatively investigation were the critical works during the research. After acquiring sufficient data on hand, then we can remove invasive species in the autumn. The variegated carp with tag, of course, was the removal target. By the autumn, the inspection team would use net to remove invasive species, and the carp would not be luckily released again.

The most difficult part for fishing carp in conservation zone is how to avoid hooking the other native fish.  Thus, toast fly was the good solution.  Among the tourists on the bike way, only one woman was well aware that I targeted the variegated carp as the only one objective.